Søren Atmakuri Davidsen

Søren with family
Søren loves IT research and software development. He lives in Esbjerg, Denmark with his loving wife Kereena and little toddler Mithra. Currently he is working as a research-assistant at Aalborg University in Esbjerg in the lab for computational intelligence and security, but has dream to start as a Ph.D. student very soon. Søren does not blog or twit a lot, but, he can be contacted on e-mail or messenger.





Søren has worked with many different technologies through the years. Below are some of his core technological skills (think it as a short list of the technologies used *A LOT*):


E-mail (work): sda@es.aau.dk, GTalk: soren@tanesha.net, Skype: atmakuridavidsen

I am available for consulting services within my area of expertise. Send an e-mail with a precise description of what you need, and I will give free feedback on feasbility and price.